Where Is Lettuce Grown ?

Where Is Lettuce Grown ?

The good news about lettuce is that it can be grown almost everywhere and can lend an appeal to your vegetable garden just the same way as it does to your salads. Lettuce grows in any part of the US. However, it grows best when the temperatures are cool and sunny, and this too depends on the type of variety you decide to grow.

You can choose your lettuce plants from a nursery and plant it during the night when the temperature remains cool and it is above 30 degrees Fahrenheit. You can alternatively sow seeds directly into the soil if it is springtime and there is not too much sun. You can also grow lettuce indoors if you do not want to grow the plants outdoors.

To grow lettuces in your garden, you will need to rake up the soil thoroughly and remove any lumps of soil, stones or other debris. Make sure that the soil is completely clean. You can also add compost and manure to the soil, depending on the type of soil that your particular lettuce needs. When planting, place them around 6 to 8 inches away from each other, irrespective of whether you are planting seeds or saplings.

Ensure that the soil remains moist throughout, but do not water the soil in the evenings since diseases are more common when the foliage stays wet overnight. You can use mulch to conserve the moisture and add seaweed extract or compost tea every three weeks.

Lettuce can be harvested when the leaves are big enough. Basically, you will have to harvest them when the heads appear full, firm and completely formed.


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Where Is Lettuce Grown