How To Get Rid Of Morning Glory ?

How To Get Rid Of Morning Glory ?

The morning glory is a pretty flower. However, when it starts growing, it takes over the whole garden and starts showing up in the most unwanted places. The flowers of the morning glory weed are pretty uncontrollable once they start proliferating, and getting rid of them is easier said than done. In case your garden is being dominated by morning glory, then you should put in additional effort in getting rid off them.

If the morning glory is a weed, then it will grow in the most unlikely places. It has the ability to grow just about anywhere and does not necessarily need fertilized soil. Some experts believe that by putting molasses in the soil, the weeds will stop growing. Apparently morning glory does not like rich soil.




However, it is a gradual process to eradicate them, and you cannot have it done in one go. It takes two to three years to get rid off them completely. They are seasonal flowers, and show their heads only when the right season comes. There are some chemical based products like Wipe Out which can kill all the morning glory weeds from the ground. It may be effective, but after using it you cannot plant other seeds for some time. You have to treat the soil before using it again.

Another way to get rid of morning glory is to change the soil, and put in fresh soil while ensuring that you add lot of manure and compost. Even this helps to keep the seeds of the morning glory from growing.

However, the most effective method to get rid of morning glory is to keep pulling out the plants as and when you see them.

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How To Get Rid Of Morning Glory