Are Mushrooms Considered Vegetables ?

Are Mushrooms Considered Vegetables ?

Botanists classify mushrooms as fungi. They belong to neither the animal nor the plant kingdom, but belong to an entirely different kingdom. They propagate by releasing spores. They have neither leaves nor roots. However, most vegetarians consider them to be a vegetable.

They are full of nutrition and have a chewy texture. This means that they can be used as a substitute for meat in various recipes. Fungi belong to the Eumycota kingdom. You can consider them a vegetable from the culinary sense of the term as they are cooked in most cases just as vegetables are. As mushrooms are not animals, one can consider them to be vegetables. And, vegetarians can and do eat them.

Buy your mushrooms from a reputed source as many mushrooms are poisonous. They were considered the food of royals in ancient times. The US Food Department too classifies mushrooms as a vegetable, though they are strictly speaking edible fungi. As most people consider mushroom to be a vegetable, we too can classify it as such.

It certainly has many of the properties of a vegetable. For one, it is nutritious. Second, it is easy to cook along with other vegetables. There certainly seem to be plenty of grounds for considering mushrooms to be a vegetable. If you are not comfortable with classifying fungi as vegetables or you are a strict vegan, then mushrooms are not for you. However, for the vast majority of people mushrooms are vegetables. One can safely use mushrooms with a wide variety of vegetable dishes.

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