wEdible Mushrooms Identification

Edible Mushrooms Identification

All the edible mushrooms have some distinctive feature or the other. It is wise to stick to known mushrooms to avoid the poisonous ones. Another thing about mushrooms is their location. The edible ones are found in distinct locations. Make a note of this point to help you identify edible mushrooms.

The most common edible mushroom is the puffball. These vary in size. They can be as small as a golf ball, or as large as a sheep. They are round or pear shaped, and may or may not have a stalk. They are whitish, tan, or gray in color. They are found in late summer or autumn in lawns, open woods, barren areas, and pastures. They tend to grow on soil or decaying wood. When sliced open, they should be absolutely white in color. Otherwise, they are a poisonous variety of mushrooms.

Another easily identifiable mushroom is the shaggy mane. The cap is a long, white cylinder and is covered with shaggy upturned brownish mane. This mushroom is fragile and easily falls apart. They tend to grow in spring, summer, and autumn on grass, soil, or wood chips.

Next in frequency of appearance is the coral fungi, which has the appearance of a coral. Its color can vary from tan to whitish to yellowish. Coral fungi grow in summer and autumn in wooded areas, growing both in the soil as well on death and decaying logs. It is best to avoid coral fungi that taste bitter or appear bruise brown in appearance.

Morels are sponge-like in appearance. The surface is covered with small pitted holes and ridges. They usually grow in spring and early summer. You should never eat morels while drinking alcohol as it will have a poisonous effect on the body.

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Edible Mushrooms Identification