How To Dry Morel Mushrooms ?

How To Dry Morel Mushrooms ?

Morel mushrooms do not stay for more than a day or two if they are fresh. The best way of storing them is to dry them and then reconstitute them with a little bit of salt water. You just have to soak the dried mushroom in the salt water for some time get them rehydrated.

To dry the mushrooms, slice them carefully lengthwise. You need to be careful as these mushrooms are fragile and bruise easily. Now thread them with a fishing line using an embroidery needle. You can now hang them to dry in a dry and shaded place. The other method of drying morel mushrooms is by placing them in the oven. However, make sure that the oven door is open a couple of inches. But from time to time, you will have to shut the door for a few minutes. This method of drying takes a long time, around 8 hours to completely dry the mushrooms.

Once dry, the morel mushrooms are hard yet light as a feather. Ensure that all the moisture has evaporated and use an absolutely dry jar with an air tight lid to store them. This way the mushrooms will stay for years.

To dry the jar, place it also in the oven for a couple of minutes. Leave the oven door open for the moisture to evaporate and get away.

It is essential that the morel mushrooms are completely dry. You can figure this out as they turn quite hard on drying. If you do not dry them out completely, they will form mold, making them useless. The jar in which you store the dry mushrooms should be kept in a dry and dark corner of your kitchen or pantry. As mentioned earlier, you can rehydrate the mushroom quite easily by allowing them to soak in warm salted water. You can also use the dry mushrooms as is in your recipes in place of fresh mushrooms.

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