Where Did Onions Come From ?  

Onions are one of the oldest known vegetables. There is mention of onions in the Old Testament of the Bible. Egyptians might have been the first to grow onions. There are replicas of the onion that were found in the ancient pyramids. The workers who built the pyramids too might have been fed onions as part of their diet.

The ancient Egyptians also used them in burying their Pharaohs, as is evident from traces of onion found in some mummies. Onions are a venerated and venerable vegetable that has many uses.

Onions have also been used in India and Pakistan since ancient times. The onion has many uses, and it is eaten in various forms. It is used to flavor a variety of meat and vegetable dishes. The ancient Egyptians were known to worship it. In ancient Greece, athletes ate large quantities of onions to improve their performance. Roman gladiators were massaged with onion to improve their muscle tone.

Onions have many medicinal benefits ranging from curing the common clod to infertility. It is also believed to help strengthen bone density in women. In the Middle Ages, onions were considered an important food and vegetable. They were used as gifts and were of highly valued as tenants could use onions to pay their rent in lieu of money. The ancient Mediterranean cultures too used onions, though it is not clear whether they cultivated them.

Now, onions are grown and used throughout the world in all cuisines and as remedies for various ailments. Onions are also known as an aphrodisiac in many cultures, especially in India.

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Where Did Onions Come From




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