How To Carve A Pumpkin ?

How To Carve A Pumpkin ?

When it is Halloween time, you see everyone buying pumpkins and there is a sudden rise in demand for this fruit/vegetable. That is because people follow the age old tradition of carving the pumpkins and putting it in their front yard with candles glowing inside them. A glowing pumpkin is a pleasant site which reminds us of the age old Halloween traditions.

However, one should take a lot of care while carving a pumpkin. In the end, it is a delicate vegetable that can break easily. So, while carving the thumb rule is not to put pressure on the vegetable in anyway.

When you start the process keep a sketch pen handy. The first step is to carefully draw a complete circle on the pumpkin on one side. Mark the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Then draw the teeth in the mouth. There are many ways to draw the teeth and you can use your own ideas. One tip is that do not go for too thin designs.

Once you are ready with all the details of the face, take a sharp knife and start your carving. Keep two pumpkins handy because if you spoil one, then you can use the other. On the top of the pumpkin make a medium sized hole first to scoop out the interiors of the pumpkin. The same opening can be used to insert the candles. Then start carving out the eyes, nose and the teeth as you drew it. Always remove the stem end to scoop the insides. You can use the same as a cap later.


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How To Carve A Pumpkin