How To Grow A Pumpkin ?

How To Grow A Pumpkin ?

An old saying goes that to be a thorough gardener, you need to grow pumpkins. You can grow pumpkin from seeds. First of all, decide what kind of pumpkin you would like to grow and then buy the seeds from a nursery. Each pumpkin weighs about 10 to 20 pounds, and sometimes, they can grow as big as 50 pounds.

Pumpkins like to grow in the sun. So, it is important when planting the seeds, you choose a sunny spot in your garden. One thing about pumpkin is that the creeper spreads wide. So make sure the pumpkin patch you have chosen is wide enough to support the entire crop you intend growing. Pumpkins do not grow well in frost, and they need at least 110 frost-free days to grow. However, you can germinate the seeds indoors and then transfer the seedlings outside once the weather has stabilized.

Soak the seeds overnight in water to facilitate easy germination. Plant the pumpkin seeds about 6 to 8 inches apart in the ground. The seeds should be planted around two inches deep. During this time, water the seeds gently ensuring that you do not wash away the top layer of the soil. It will take about two weeks for the seeds to germinate. The soil for growing should always be loosely packed and fertilized. Therefore, ensure that you fertilize the soil prior to planting the seeds. Pumpkin vines can grow quite fast, and in around ten weeks of planting, you will see the first flowers appearing. A pumpkin flower only blooms for a single day. During this period, the pollination takes place. Once the fruit appears, allow it to grow with least about of touching. The fruit will be ready for harvest once it attains any colors of a sunset -- deep yellow to a fiery orange.


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How To Grow A Pumpkin