Best Conditions For Growing Radish Plants  

Radish is a cool season plant. It matures soon, and it is easy to grow. Radish plants require plenty of sun and a moist soil. They can even be grown on city lots. Early varieties grow best in the cool spring season. There are late maturing varieties that can be harvested in summer.

To harvest your radish in winter, you need to sow them in mid summer or late summer. The spring varieties take up to a month to mature. Plant them early in the spring with an inch between plants. Fertilize the soil before planting to ensure a good growth. They need to be harvested quickly, or they become pithy and develop seed stalks. Winter varieties take a bit longer to mature.

Radish needs plenty of sunlight and a moist soil to grow well. As the plants are root vegetables, the ground should be well worked and loose. There should be no rocks or hard soil as this will misshapen and deform the growing radish. These are the best conditions for their growth.

You can eat radish raw or cooked. If eating raw, add them in salad. When cooking, make them a part of your soups. You can also add them in stews to further enhance the flavor of the dish. With a mild flavor, they add a zest to any meal. They are very nutritious too. They contain dietary fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. Fresh radish can be eaten raw, while those stored for many months are best used in soups and stews. There are many varieties of radish to choose from but when growing, opt for the spring or winter varieties after taking into account their individual growing periods.

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Best Conditions For Growing Radish Plants




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