History Of The Radish  

The history of radish dates back to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt who used them as the staple diet for the labor community that built pyramids. It is learned that the Chinese started cultivating them earlier in 700 B.C., and gave it as a mark of good-will to Japan where it has become the most favored vegetable and was included in almost all the dishes.

The introduction of the radish in England started in the 1500, and it was rumored to cure stones in the kidney, worms in the intestines and aid in getting a blemish-free complexion. The radish crossed the Atlantic when the colonists came along with the seeds, and this vegetable has been popular ever since.

The word radish stems from the Roman word “Radix” that means “Root”, and it belongs to the mustard family with the genus as Raphanus. The designation of the species of radish changes with the type of the plant. It can be cultivated either annually or biannually, depending on the variety that is being grown. These plants can be grouped by their measurement, appearance, taste and harvest periods. There are different colors other than the regular red and white radish.

The appearance is different too. They come in a variety of shapes like round, ovals or cylindrically long. The measurements can be from an ounce to more than 80 ounces depending on its growth. Tastes differ with the climatic conditions where they are planted. Warm temperatures give the radish a spicy taste, and cooler conditions make it mild and sweet. Every variety needs loose and soil that is devoid of stagnating water. Radish that grows in clayey soil has a distorted appearance. Whatever is the case, radishes grow quickly and do not require too much require not nurturing and caring.

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History Of The Radish




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