How To Plant Radish ?

How To Plant Radish ?

A good crop is dependent on the type of soil that is used to plant and grow. Radish requires soil conditions that are soft, loose and devoid of any lumps. The perfect time to plant radish seeds is in spring, but adequate sunshine is necessary for the plant to give you the right size of vegetables.

Succulent radishes can be got if the seeds are planted during spring or the beginning of fall. It is important that you remember not to plant the seeds during the middle of summer since adequate sunshine is required. However, the plant does not need too much of the sun.

The best way to plant radish seeds is by leaving around an inch between the seeds, and sowing them around half an inch into the soil. Planting the seeds in a row makes it easier to grow without much scatter or mess. Germination of radish seeds start within 4 to 6 days after planting. So, if you want continuous supply of radish, make sure you plant the next lot of seeds after 8 to 10 days of planting the first lot.

Planting radish seeds in soil that is loose and soft will help the sapling grow and get you the crop that is good and has good yield. Weeds can pose a problem in restricting the growth of your plant. Therefore, make sure that you remove them completely before you start your gardening. Also, make sure that the soil is not wet and sticky. This will ensure that the radish grow to the right size based on the variety you are using.


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How To Plant Radish