How To Tell When Rhubarb Is Ripe ?

How To Tell When Rhubarb Is Ripe ?

Rhubarbs are a very easily grown vegetable that can taste good with other dishes when combined. Though not many of us plant rhubarbs like other vegetables in our garden, they are good for people who are conscious about their diet. The plant can be a good source of nutrition.

So, if you have planted rhubarbs and do not know how to tell when they are ripe, here are a few easy steps to let you know how.

When rhubarbs are growing, they tend to be green, and the stalks also are of the same color. You will need to keep an eye on the stalks. When the stalks start turning red or magenta in color, it means that the rhubarb is ripe and ready for harvesting. If you find that the Rhubarbs' stalks are still green, it is advisable to let them grow for another week or so until you find the color change in the stalk.

The best time to harvest rhubarbs is when the base of the stalk turns a deep plum color and the streaks of red appear throughout the stalks.

Rhubarbs have thick and woody stalks which need to be cut close to the base in order to use them. You can save the leaves of rhubarb for other animals to feed on them. Under no circumstances use the leaves since they are believed to be toxic. Spiders love to shelter under the huge leaves of the Rhubarb plant. Hence, it is wise that you shake the stalks well as you cut them out to remove any hidden spiders.


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How To Tell When Rhubarb Is Ripe