When To Harvest Rhubarb ?

When To Harvest Rhubarb ?

Harvesting rhubarbs is very simple. All you need to see is if the stalks have changed their color. Most people who plant rhubarbs tend to harvest them all through summer. However, rhubarbs are best harvested during springtime. They love the warmth that the sun gives to the soil and start to grow stronger and more vigorously.

Rhubarbs grow tall and straight adding flavor and freshness to their growth during springtime. These stalks taste better when made into crispy crumble or rhubarb jam.

Too much of sunshine is not good for the rhubarb plant. It will start to show signs of fatigue as the leaves begin to droop or even turn a shade of yellow. The plant starts to lose its freshness, and the stalks start becoming thinner, weaker and stringy. Remember that stalks which produce yellow leaves need to be removed at once and destroyed immediately. A lot of people feel that this is the time for the rhubarb plant to go into hibernation and should be given rest, whereas there are many who continue to grow the plant after removing the yellowed stalks. If the plant is able to continue producing stalks and is still thriving, then there is no reason for concern. However, please do bear in mind that no matter whether it is summer or spring, the leaves should not be eaten at any cost.

Rhubarb plants grow without too much fuss, and do not require constant attention like other plants do. Just make sure that the soil you use or intend to use is free from weeds and that it remains moist at most times.


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When To Harvest Rhubarb