Difference Between Shallots And Onions  

Shallots and onions are quite different from each other. Although they are very similar in taste, there are some obvious differences. Shallots are used mainly in Chinese cuisines, while onions are used in Mexican, Indian, and Thai cuisines. Most people think that shallot is a Chinese way of referring to onions. However, that is not true as there are remarkable differences between these vegetables.

There are two varieties of onions. One is pink in color, and the other is white in color. In the United States, onions also take over the name of the local place that they grow in. The main difference is that shallots are white in color, and more pungent in taste and smell compared to the onions. Shallots come only in white color, and they are usually tied together in a bunch and also sold that way. Whereas onions are sold individually, and come in a bag or you can pick your own from a box. For a layman, this is an easy way to tell the difference between shallots and onions. In some countries, shallot is called escallop. Unlike onions, shallots grow as single bulbs. They somewhat are similar to growth in garlic. Shallots can be used in cooking as well as in pickles. Shallots are also deep fried to add taste and flavor to several dishes.

Onions have a pungent odor and get sweetened by cooking. They also have papery skin and once you peel them, then they look white. They also tend to burn your eyes while peeling.

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Difference Between Shallots And Onions




Growing-Shallots-Tips      By growing shallots, you will always have fresh supply at home for your cooking. They add more taste and flavor when they are fresh. Shallot is considered as a gourmet vegetable, and most of times, it is quite expensive to buy it. Shallots are not sold by pounds, but only by the ounce. So, why not consider growing your own shallots when they are easy to grow? More..




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