Growing Shallots Tips  

By growing shallots, you will always have fresh supply at home for your cooking. They add more taste and flavor when they are fresh. Shallot is considered as a gourmet vegetable, and most of times, it is quite expensive to buy it. Shallots are not sold by pounds, but only by the ounce. So, why not consider growing your own shallots when they are easy to grow?

Shallots are same as growing garlic. In order to get started, get some plants from the local nursery. Plant each shallot around six to eight inches apart so that the tops are just a few inches below the soil. The best time to plant them is around fall. Shallots are pretty rugged plants, and they will survive the winters. They even tend to grow when the soil conditions are average. They do not need any heavy form of maintenance like frequent fertilizing and stuff. When you plant shallots in the fall, they will be ready for harvest in summer. Shallots grow from bulbs, and therefore you should take care in how you plant them.

Every time you harvest the shallots, save some of the best bulbs for the following season. Always have a standard cycle of growing them. If you plant them in fall, then plant at the same time each year. If you start in winter, then do it at the same time every winter. Just make sure you follow a planned routine. Shallots can be watered moderately everyday. Also, they need sunlight to grow well. These plants cannot be cultivated well in containers. They need a small patch under the sun to grow well.


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Growing Shallots Tips




How-To-Grow-Shallots      Shallots are pretty simple to grow. They are the least fussy plants of all, and easily grow in any kind of environment. They even adapt to the cold, and grow with minimum fertilizing of soil. Growing shallots is very similar to growing garlic. Prepare the soil by mixing some compost and leave it for a couple of days. Water the soil in these two days so that enough moisture is trapped in. More..




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