WHow To Harvest Shallot ?

How To Harvest Shallot ?

Shallots sell at a high price in the supermarkets. People feel shallots are expensive to buy because they are not sold in small quantities. For example, onions can be bought by picking up how much ever you need. However, shallots come in standard sized bags, and are measured in ounces. But, if you know how easy it is to grow shallots, you would probably think twice before buying them. Growing them is not a bad idea.

Shallots have a delicate flavor, and fried shallots can be used to garnish soups and starters. They are used in a variety of sandwiches also. It takes only 30 days for the plants to start growing. Also, shallots are amongst the most tolerant of plants. They can grow in any type of soil condition and can take any kind of climate. They grow comfortably even in winters and with mist. Shallots are similar to garlic and scallions.

While harvesting shallots, you should dig out the bulbs and then pull the plant. You should not directly try to pull the plants out as they may break. Usually when the shallot starts growing, you will see a green top. As long as they grow, they will have a green top. When they start maturing, the top will change into a dry brown color. This is the time to harvest the shallots. You can harvest a few shallots and braid the tops and hang it in a mesh bag. Store the bag in a cool dry place just like you would store onions.


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How To Harvest Shallot