How To Mince A Shallot ?

How To Mince A Shallot ?

Shallot has a unique taste, and it is used in several ways in cooking. It can be diced and used in regular cooking. It can be used in pasta. It can also be used in sandwiches. You can soak shallot in vinegar and use it for making sandwiches. It has a unique flavor that is a cross between garlic, onions and scallions. Some people fry shallots and put them on top of dishes as a garnish. It tastes very good when fried.

Shallot is not very pungent in odor like onion. In fact, it has a sweet smell and that is what makes it ideal for several dishes. However, most people do not buy shallots easily because they are pretty expensive and are available only in bulk. Nonetheless, if you are the kind of person who loves shallot and would like to use them in cooking, then you should also know how to handle it. Shallot is a bulbous vegetable, and it has to be held carefully while cutting.

First cut half the shallot through the root and next cut the papery end. Discard the papery end. Avoid cutting the root end. When you cut the paper end, it makes it easier to remove off the outer skin.

After peeling the skin, make several cuts through the shallots in a vertical order. Do not cut out all the way to the end. Then rotate the shallot and start cutting into it horizontal. You will see evenly diced small pieces of shallot falling on to the cutting board. It is that simple.


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How To Mince A Shallot