What Do Shallots Look Like ?

What Do Shallots Look Like ?

Shallots belong to the onion family. However, they resemble more the garlic than the onion. Shallots have a milder flavor compared to onions, and that is why they are preferred more. Once you peel the shallots, they separate into cloves just like garlic. In the United States, you get two varieties of shallots. One is the Jersey and the other is the false shallots.

The false shallots are bigger in size. Green shallots are also available, but they are usually sold under fresh vegetables. These can be bought during spring time. There are three size variations in shallots, namely small, medium and jumbo. The smaller the shallot, the milder the taste would be.

Shallots look like bulbs of garlic. They resemble garlic more or less, but are like onions in taste. Overall, the shallot is a combination of onion, garlic and scallion. They maybe small or big, and they have a thin layered skin. Once you peel of these layers of skin, you will have clove-like shapes knitted together. Garlic is normally used as whole like cloves, but shallots are chopped into fine bits and used in cooking.

The tails of shallots are knit together and they are hung up in the kitchen. So, when you see shallots in a bunch, you feel they are just fruits hanging from one branch. However, these are woven together intentionally and it is also easier to sell them in this fashion. Shallots are usually sold in bulk and in ounces, unlike onions, which are sold by the pound.

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What Do Shallots Look Like