Does Spinach Cause Kidney Stones  

Spinach has a lot of valuable nutrients, and it is a beneficial green leafy vegetable. There are hundreds of benefits of spinach. However, in a recent research it was discovered that spinach can increase the possibility of kidney stones. But this can happen only if you eat a lot of spinach. In case you have already had kidney stones, then it is advisable for you to avoid eating spinach.

Kidney stones recur, and they tend to grow again and again if the conditions are rife for them. Spinach has high calcium and this could be causing the kidney stones. The human body gets its everyday dose of calcium from many sources like milk, vegetables, meat and other food items. By eating spinach, your body starts receiving excess calcium and if the mineral is not digested, it becomes a stone.

Kidney stones can become dangerous for the kidney and eventually damage it. Also, when the kidney stones move, they can be very painful and cause severe attacks through excessive pain in the abdomen.

Spinach is good for kids as they need a lot of calcium in their growing years. Human body has the capacity to absorb 50 percent of the calcium found in vegetables. Spinach is also high in oxalate, which is a major contributor to gout and kidney stones. Oxalate can get deposited in the body and make the kidney stones recur if you are prone to them. People who are diabetic should also avoid spinach as they are prone to kidney related problems.

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Does Spinach Cause Kidney Stones




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