How To Cook Fresh Spinach ?

How To Cook Fresh Spinach ?

There are several ways to cook fresh spinach. Some people prefer to blanch and use it later. In whichever way you wish to use spinach, it can be made to taste good. The easiest ways to prepare spinach is to sauté it in butter in a pan. This is a very good side dish with your main course. This takes hardly any time to prepare, and fresh spinach always tastes a tad better than the canned or tinned varieties.

Wash the spinach well in a colander and take out all the mud and dirt that might be stuck to the leaves. Put some oil in a sauce pan, and chop spinach in the mean time while the oil is heating up. Fry the chopped spinach until they start looking smaller and like strings. The best way to cook spinach is in the microwave so that most of the nutrients are retained.

Add onions while frying spinach and a combination of it can be used as a stuffing in the chicken while baking it. You can also add garlic or shallots and make a nice dish. Fresh spinach can also be chopped and mixed with grated parmesan cheese and baked directly. If you wish, you can add some mashed potatoes to it. Spinach cooks very fast and you need to be careful that you do not end up cooking more than required. Also, add salt sparingly if you are adding butter or cheese to the spinach. Spinach is a salty vegetable and if you add salt in regular portions, it might become salty.

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How To Cook Fresh Spinach