How To Freeze Spinach ?

How To Freeze Spinach ?

Spinach can be frozen and used later if you do it the right way. Spinach has a lot of water in its leaves and stems, and that makes it prone to rot. Keeping spinach in the fridge is not going to be enough, and within a week’s time you will end up throwing it away. The best way to store it is by refreezing the required portion for later use. You can do this if you are growing spinach also.

Spinach is an ideal topping for salads and also since it is easy and fast to cook, you can always make something quick with it. Like a dip for a party or a quick appetizer. In fact, it is a very handy vegetable to have in the freezer.

In order to freeze spinach, wash it thoroughly in a colander. The colander will help to take out all the dripping water from the spinach. Make sure there is no dirt or mud on the leaves. A lot of spinach can become very little in portion after losing its water while cooking. So make sure when you are freezing, you use a large portion. Keep a pot filled with water on the stove and bring it to boil. Keep the colander on the pot and cover it. Spinach will retain its rich green color and also water, and still get cooked.

Give it a minute until the spinach wilts and then set the colander aside to cool off. This process is called blanching. When the spinach is cool enough, fill freezer bags and put them away. Remember to put a date on the bag without fail. This will enable you to use older frozen spinach first.

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How To Freeze Spinach