Recipe For Spinach

Recipe For Spinach

There are several recipes for spinach that you can prepare from various cuisines. Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, French and Thai cuisines use spinach. You can find a spinach recipe in almost every cuisine in the world. However, you can choose to cook something that suits your taste buds. You can easily look up a recipe on the Internet. Spinach can be served as a dip, as a soup, as a side dish and also just as a snack. Spinach can also be used as a stuffing for meats. Spinach is also readily available in stores in fresh and frozen forms.

Here are some creative ways to use spinach.

Use spinach as stuffing for vegetables like mushrooms. Cook spinach with butter or olive oil, and mash it completely. Add some cream and milk while cooking the spinach and stuff the mashed mixture into mushrooms. You can bake or fry the mushrooms. You can even stuff the mixture into precooked mushrooms. These make ideal bite sized starters for parties.

You can also add cooked spinach to mashed potato. Add some parsley and oregano for garnish.

You can cook spinach along with red and yellow peppers and make a rich sauce or dip for parties.

Make spinach soup by boiling it and adding some spices like paprika. You can even add onions to the soup.  

Fry some onions or shallots along with garlic and add spinach and cook them together until they are well done. This makes an ideal side dish for your Thanksgiving dinner.

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Recipe For Spinach