When To Pick Butternut Squash ?

When To Pick Butternut Squash ?

You can grow butternut squash quite easily and get quite a large amount of produce at harvest time. Since this type of squash is not one of the more common varieties like crookneck or zucchini, often people are not sure when they should pick their butternut squash. If you too are facing this problem, the instructions mentioned below will be of immense help.

Instructions to pick butternut squash at the right time:

If you have grown zucchinis or crookneck squash, then you will know that the butternut squash does not grow in a similar manner, but it tends to be more like peas or cucumber, growing on a vine. The very first sign that will tell you if your butternut squash is ready to be picked or not, is its color. It will first sport green lines running vertically all over its body. Once it starts maturing, these green lines will start disappearing and the color will change to a light shade of orange.

The thing about growing zucchinis is that they will keep growing in size till you pick them, as long as the supply of nutrients to the plant is continued. You will notice this difference when growing butternut squash, as it will grow up to 8 to 10 inches and stop doing so when it reaches that optimum size.

The last step that will tell you whether your butternut squash is ready to be picked or not is to take a good look at its stem. If the stem has changed color from green to brown or tan, then the butternut squash is all ready to be harvested and picked.

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When To Pick Butternut Squash