Green Beans Vs String Beans

Green Beans Vs String Beans

Green beans and string beans are basically the same vegetable. In some parts of the world, the beans are called green beans, while in America, they are known as string beans. This kind of beans is commonly served along with chicken or steak in Thanksgiving dinners.

Fresh green beans are actually available throughout the year. However, the main season for these crunchy beans is summer. They are least expensive in this season, and also in best quality. Green beans are actually picked when they are young and allowed to mature later. Most green or string beans are emerald green in color, and they are thin, slender and long. They have small green beans inside them and the insides are fleshy.

Green beans can be cooked in several ways. Usually they cannot be considered very tasty, but since they are crunchy in consistency, several people prefer to eat them.

If you have a tasty dip, then you can cook string beans and have a crunchy snack. It is also a great finger food for children. There are several health benefits of eating string beans.

In America, most people tend to think that green beans and string beans are two different varieties. However, both belong to the same family and one is plucked earlier than the other. The longer you leave beans on the plant, the longer they get in size. So string beans are perhaps picked when they are longer, and green beans when they are young and sturdy. However, both taste the same and are used exactly in the same way in cooking.

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Green Beans Vs String Beans