Growing String Beans  

Green beans, string beans and garden beans are all synonyms of each other. They are not much different from each other in looks, and also they taste the same. Growing string beans is very easy. They can be grown and harvested at any time of the year. However, the season for string beans is summer. Beans usually can be harvested within 50 to 55 days from planting the seeds.

You can get green beans seeds to get started. Prepare the soil and sow the seeds 2 inches apart. The plants are short and sturdy, and you will find green beans hanging at the end of the stem in clusters. String beans are plucked when they are immature.

Once the seed germinates, the growth of the plant is rather fast. You need to make sure that the beans get a good amount of sun and are also watered properly. You will need to water the crop at least twice a day so that the beans are fresh. The main effort comes while harvesting the crop. You should know when to harvest the beans. Harvesting of green beans is a continuous process. When they are ready, they are as thick as a pencil and are emerald green in color. They seem to be crisp and yet tender when you touch them. It is okay if you pluck beans a day or two earlier, but do not let them become over mature. Also, you need to prune the string beans plant quite a bit. Since they are vines, they will spread out rapidly if you do not keep a watch.

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Growing String Beans




How-To-Can-String-Beans      String beans can be frozen in freezer bags or also stored in cans. String beans can be prepared in several ways and also added to many dishes. In addition, they are rather easy to cook. Canning the string beans requires some practice and expertise compared to freezing. If you have a constant supply of string beans from your garden, then canning it is the best option because your freezer an run out of space very quickly. More..




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