Types Of String Beans  

There are several types of beans, but only a few are known to us. String beans grow in few colors and in different lengths. Some of the known varieties of beans are America’s fava beans, soy beans, mung, lentils and French haricot beans. There are some more varieties like the kidney beans and lima beans that were developed by the indigenous people. Beans grow in clusters, bushes and runners. The bush bean varieties usually look broad. Beans are also available in yellow, purple and emerald green colors.

All beans are categorized as legumes and the same as green peas. Some beans can also be eaten as while pods. Some beans can be dried and reused again. However, the French beans are the most common variety eaten by people in America. They are usually cooked in butter or oil and had along with meat. Beans make an excellent side vegetable with several types of steaks. They are also spiced up with pepper to taste good. In some parts, even yellow beans are used to add color and taste to preparations.

Broad beans are used as a whole or even just the beans are used by people. Beans can be also used as soups and starters. Bean seeds are non fussy plants and grow easily in America. The most common varieties of beans that are grown are the cluster beans and French beans. String beans are called the green giant among vegetables because they are grown widely all over the United States. The importance of the string beans is much prevalent because they are highly nutritious and also high in protein. The string beans varieties have more than 90 nutrients in them.

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Types Of String Beans




What-Is-A-String-Bean      Different regions refer to string beans by different names. In America, they are called green beans, while in Britain, they are called French or runner beans. They are the unripened form of beans and there are several more in this category. The Yardlong beans, hyacinth beans and winged beans are all from the same family. All green pods are referred to as string beans in the United States. More..




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