Best Tomatoes Growing Tips  

There are a few things to keep in mind when you want to grow tomatoes. So, without much ado, here are some of the best tomato growing tips that will ensure that you get an abundant crop this season.

Best Tomato Growing Tips:

  • Give tomatoes the space they need. If you have decided to grow tomatoes from the seeds, it is better that you plant the seeds in such a manner that they have enough room to grow. Too many seeds together will stunt their growth. Make sure you move the plants to another location as soon as they start sprouting leaves. It would be advisable to transplant them into 4 inch individual pots when the saplings are round 15 days old.
  • Tomato plants need a lot of sun. Make sure that saplings are placed under direct sunlight or if you are using an artificial form of light, it is wise to keep them for about three-fourths of a day under glow lights. Ensure that when you are planting tomato seeds, you plant them in the sunniest part of your garden.
  • Saplings need constant circulation of air. Tomato plants require lots of breeze so that the stems become strong. You can depend on natural wind for this, but if you have your saplings planted indoors, it is advisable to run a fan for a quarter of an hour each day for the saplings.
  • The soil needs some heat as tomato plants thrive in heat. You can pre-heat the soil by covering the intended planting area with a dark colored plastic sheet. This will give the soil the required heat for the tomato plants to grow well.
  • Unlike most plants, it is mandatory for you to plant the tomato plants up to their leaves. Tomato plants can start growing roots with the stems. You could also try to plant them with the roots lying down; it has the capacity of growing towards the sun.
  • Remove the older leaves from the roots to prevent fungus infections. Also, prune the leaves and the mid-joint of the plants. Water the plants at regular intervals. When the fruits start ripening, it is time to slowly reduce the watering.
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Best Tomatoes Growing Tips




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