Can I Grow Cherry Tomatoes In A Container  

Tomatoes can grow easy in your kitchen garden. However, there are many people who do not want to spend their time tinkering in the garden or tending to plants. These people can opt to grow cherry tomatoes as these plants hardly need any assistance in growing. In addition, cherry tomatoes taste better than regular tomatoes.

You can plant a cherry tomato plant in a container and leave it on your window sill or any other place in the house that receives a lot of sunlight.

  • Get containers which you can fasten stakes to as this will prevent the saplings from falling over each other and harming the tomatoes. It is best to place the stake in the pot at the time of planting the seeds. This way you will not damage the roots of the plant when they are growing.
  • Use a pot that can hold a large quantity of soil. Containers made from glass, plastic, foam and fiberglass are the best since they do not allow water to evaporate that fast from the roots. Make sure that the container has a hole at the bottom to drain out all the excess water.  
  • Soil from the garden can contain diseases and fungi infections can easily infect your cherry tomatoes. It is best to buy an organic mix of soil from your local store. This even the plants will grow healthily and become strong. Remember to check the soil everyday to ensure that it is not too dry.
  • Cherry tomatoes need a minimum of six to seven hours of sunlight to grow and produce the tiny delicious tomatoes.
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Can I Grow Cherry Tomatoes In A Container




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