Disease In Tomato Plants  

Making the garden look vibrant with luscious vegetables is every gardener’s dream, but usually many of us do not realize that our vegetables are diseased. And, when we do, it is too late to take any corrective measures. Tomato plants are one fruit/vegetable that catch diseases easily.

If you know what disease in tomato plants to look for, you can catch it early and take measures so that the rest of the plants are protected. Here are some of the diseases in tomato plants.

  • Tomato plants get easily infected with blight. This disease can infect the leaves, fruit and the stem. Blight will appear as dark spots which will initially appear on the older leaves. These spots then start growing in a circular manner. Or, they can cause the leaves to turn yellow and dry up. This exposes the tomatoes to directly sunlight causing them to burn and die
  • Gray leaf spot is another disease that affects the older leaves of the tomato. This disease of tomato plant is visible on the upper and lower surface of the leaves as grayish brown spots, which keeping getting larger until they disintegrate and fall away. However, the area around the spots turn yellow and ultimately lead to the leaf dying and falling
  • Late blight is another disease that affects the tomato fruit and leaves. This is a fungus that spreads because of wet soil. It causes asymmetrical gray spots on the leaves and fruits. This fungus causes the tomato fruits to rot.
  • Septoria infection is similar to late blight. However, here the spots are small, but have the same effect on the tomato fruit.
  • Southern blight is also a fungus that affects tomato plants. The mold is white in color and grows on the stem. It is also contracted from the soil
  • Verticillium is also a disease of tomato plants causing the leaves to first turn yellow and then they dry up.
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Disease In Tomato Plants




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