Growing Tomatoes In Buckets  

If you are fond of growing your own vegetables and fruits but do not have the space, you can think about growing them in buckets. In fact, many tomato growers end up growing tomatoes in buckets quite often when they run out of growing space.

Usually you would require a 5 gallon bucket to successfully grow tomatoes. You can get this bucket from your local nursery when you visit to buy good quality tomato seeds. Also, take time to buy a good top soil, potting soil or sand from river and some balanced fertilizer.

Before doing anything, punch some holes in the bucket so that they will aid in draining out excess water. Make sure the holes are a quarter inch each, and you would need to make around a dozen holes. Now mix the top soil and the potting soil well and fill the bucket right up till the brim. Thereafter, plant the tomato seeds. You can also use saplings if you want.

Make sure that you insert couple of stakes in each bucket while planting the seeds or sapling. Also add fertilizer at the time of planting, and thereafter once a month. Keep the bucket in a warm place in the house, one that receives ample sunlight. Water regularly and keep a close watch for any sort of fungal infections. If you notice any disease, immediately use an organic fungicide. In a few weeks, you will be able to harvest your first crop of tomatoes which amazing grew in buckets.

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Growing Tomatoes In Buckets




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