How Often Should I Water My Tomato Plants ?

How Often Should I Water My Tomato Plants ?

Generally, it is said that you should water your tomato plants for 25 to 30 minutes using a one gallon per hour emitters. Using the same emitters, you can also water for 15 minutes twice a day. However, in reality when it comes to how often should you water your tomato plants depends on two main factors -- the type of soil the plants are growing in and the weather during the growing season.

First of all, if you have a kitchen garden in your backyard, it is suggested that you water the plants just once a week. However, this is something that not very gardener agrees upon. So, the best alternative would be to ensure that the seedlings are transplanted in deep holes so that the plants can develop a strong and robust root system. This way the plants will be able to search their own water source, and you can water when you feel that the surface soil is getting dry.

If the weather is hot, over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, then you should water the tomato plants two times a day. Make sure that you spread the water around so that it does dilute the nutrients present in the soil. This can be done by making watering in a wide circle all around the plant.

There are some gardeners who only take into account the amount of moisture present in the soil. They check the soil regularly for dryness and when they find that the soil is drying out, they tend to water their tomato plants.

Therefore, when it comes to watering tomato plants, you can use all the above methods to see which one best suits your plants and accordingly water the plants.

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How Often Should I Water My Tomato Plants