How To Plant Zucchini ?

How To Plant Zucchini ?

Zucchini belongs to the squash and pumpkin family of vegetables. From one plant, it is possible to get many zucchinis. The best time to harvest zucchini is during the summer. It is also one of the most popular vegetables in the United States.

If you intend to plant zucchini seeds, remember they need needs sunlight and heat to germinate. So, when the temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you can sow the seeds of the plant. Make small mounds of fertilizer rich soil and plant the seed in the mound. A well fertilized soil will give greater results. Fertilization does not mean or include chemicals. Regular organic compost with leaves and foliage should be fine.

Space the mounds at least three feet apart. Zucchini is a vine crop. So you need to space them out well. Water the mounds deep once a week and rest of the time water them normally. It takes at least five to eight days for the buds to show up. If you notice any weak plants, pull them out in the beginning itself. Cultivate the soil around the zucchini patch so that weeds do not grow along with the plants. Weeds can destroy the zucchini crop. By laying mulch you can keep the weeds at bay.

These plants grow rapidly and after the seeds germinate, you see them growing very fast. Also, keep a close look out for pests and rodents. The moment you notice any, get pesticides to save the crop. While harvesting, judge by the size. You can also leave a couple of zucchinis on the plant to see how big they grow.

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