Does Colostrum Increase Human Growth Hormone Levels

Does Colostrum Increase Human Growth Hormone Levels ?

The HGH enhancers basically promote the growth of the body by enhancing the production of human growth hormone. There are certain nutritional productions which contain secretagogue which is primarily responsible for enhancing the production of HGH. These natural and nutritional products can be used in the form of supplements that help to produce more HGH.

There has been a lot of research done over the last two decades and finally medical science has arrived at a solution of the supplements. The reason why supplements had to be introduced as opposed to the conventional injections is basically for the patients comfort. Secretagogue can be injected into the human body also. However, it was not a convenient procedure, it was painful, and also it was rather expensive to take injections. Taking supplements is an easier way out for many people and it gives the same outcome as the injections minus the pain and inconvenience and the costs.

Just like human growth hormone, now colostrum is being called the elixir of life. It is one of the first kinds of foods that transfers all the growth factors from the mother to the child. Research in this area has also showed that colostrums can actually bring a great deal of help to all those who want to use it as it is available in the form of supplement. It is a good cousin of the human growth hormone in a way. So, it is actually very identical to HGH itself. It also has been found that the colostrum increases the longevity of the neurons in the body. When it prevents the death of the human neurons it also means that it can help in the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Colostrum also cures infection in the intestine. Much of these functions are carried out by the human growth hormone as well. Now, the question is being raised that whether the colostrums can be classified as one of the type of a human growth hormone or it can act as well as the HGH itself. However, the increase in colostrum has no effects on the human growth hormone itself. However, the effects on functions of both these hormones together may show an overall improvement.

It is a very complicated and woven pattern to understand the relationship of colostrum and the human growth hormone. Both have their individual functions but both are equally capable and similar.

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Does Colostrum Increase Human Growth Hormone Levels