How Many People Are Diagnosed With Cancer Each Year

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How Many People Are Diagnosed With Cancer Each Year ?

According to some estimates, around 150 people are diagnosed with cancer every hour in the United States.

This should give you an answer as to how many people are diagnosed with cancer each year. The prospect of so many people being diagnosed with this deadly disease is quite frightening.One out of every four Americans is diagnosed with cancer in the US. In 2008, more than 565,650 people died as a result of cancer. This means that nearly 1,500 people died each day due to cancer. This clearly shows that cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US after heart disease. Many health experts and scientists believe that in 2010, cancer may end up becoming the main cause of death among Americans.

Many organizations like the American Cancer Society are educating people about cancer and its risk factors. As a result more and more people are becoming aware and are taking steps to ensure that they do not get afflicted by the disease. Today, people are more active and are trying to change their habits and lifestyle to ensure that they reduce the risk of getting cancer. This is an important step in preventing cancer cases from increasing.

At the same time, science has made vast improvements in diagnosing cancer early on. This could be another reason why the number of cancer cases being diagnosed has increased. However, when cancer is diagnosed early, the chances of survival also increase significantly. The American Cancer Society claims that nearly 25 percent to 30 percent deaths from cancer can be prevented if the disease is diagnosed early and proper treatment is imparted.

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How Many People Are Diagnosed With Cancer Each Year