Life Expectancy For Kidney Cancer

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Life Expectancy For Kidney Cancer

When a person is diagnosed with kidney cancer, their immediate doubt is about how long they can survive. Most doctors while diagnosing cancer give the prognosis once in five years. Five years is the maximum time given to a cancer patient for survival. A prognosis can be done only once in five years depending on the condition of the patient. The chances of survival are determined only then.


The various stages of cancer have been diagnosed by doctors. Doctors use the traditional TNM system to identify the stage of cancer. TNM determines the tumor size, its spreading to the lymph nodes and the metastases. The identification of T stands for whether the tumor has spread in the tissue, N when it has spread to lymph nodes and M when it has metastasized to other organs. The advancement of the disease is determined based on these three parameters called TNM. If they determine as X, then the doctors cannot determine its advancement.

The diagnosis of cancer depends on the TNM classifications and after the stage, a Roman numeral is added. For example, Stage I cancer is not that developed cancer and is treatable, whereas Stage IV is a much advanced stage, where the cancer-causing cells have metastasized to other organs and is often untreatable.

The average life expectancy of a person depend o the doctors reading. They do extensive research about if the patient can survive for the next five years creating a prognosis for a cancer patient. They conduct an extensive research on a patient if they can survive after 5 years of diagnosis of kidney cancer.

Stage I cancer is usually good news because it means that the malignancy was diagnosed in the initial stages. In other words, the tumor is restricted to the kidney and has not spread to the other parts of the body. Approximately 90 percent of people who have been diagnosed with stage I cancer will survive for more than five years.

Stage II is also considered early stage of the disease and can be cured in the initial state. However the later part of stage II cancer is difficult and has a meeker prognosis. 70% of advanced stage II kidney cancer people survive for 5 years.

Stage II shows advanced symptoms of cancer and only 40 percent make it beyond the 5th year. People who have Stage IV cancer have less than ten percent chance of surviving more than 5 years and if they do, it is extremely rarely.

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