What Does Chicken Pox Look Like

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What Does Chicken Pox Look Like ?

Chickenpox is caused by a virus belong to the herpes family. The virus known as varicella zoster is not that common in the US due to the mass vaccination endeavor taken by the government during the mid 1990s. However, there are still some kids who get the illness as they have not been vaccinated during their childhood.

Usually, when a kid gets a rash, many parents are worried that the rash could be chickenpox. Hence, these parents want to know what does chicken pox look like. Usually, when a kid gets chicken pox, he or she will end up suffering from low grade fever a few days before the rash emerges. The rash appears in the form of red bumps or spots. In a day, the rash turns into blisters that are filled with fluid. These blisters burst open forming ulcers. The number of blisters on a child varies from child to child. Some kids get many blisters, while others will get just a few blisters.

It has been seen that in a family with more than one kid, the first infected kid will often have a mild bout of chicken pox and then next infected kid will have a severe bout. The number of blisters keeps increasing with prolonged exposure to the virus.

As the rash and blisters are itchy, many kids end up with secondary bacterial infection. The itching can also cause scarring of the skin. Hence, it is always advised that parents take steps to prevent their kids from scratching the blisters. Using calamine lotion or oatmeal bath can help to alleviate the itching.

Under normal circumstances, a kid suffering from chicken pox will not have any complications and the blisters will disappear in a few days time. However, in some people complications like dizziness, headaches, tremors or seizures occur. In such a case, the person should be rushed to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. It has also been seen that adults get a more severe bout of chicken pox compared to kids, and they are also susceptible to complications due to the illness. Many adults end up with pneumonia due to chicken pox. Also, pregnant women should stay away from infected kids and adults as a bout of chicken pox can result in fetal abnormalities or also cause fetal death.

Generally, when kids get chicken pox, they do not experience any problems later on. However, in some people, the virus can get activated many years later leading to shingles.

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What Does Chicken Pox Look Like