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Can Diuretics Cause Constipation ?  

Constipation is caused due to several different problems. Lack of exercise, poor diet, lifestyle, and daily routine play a role in causing constipation. Sometimes constipation is a part of a physiological condition like pregnancy. Some medications, such as diuretics, can also cause constipation. Change of habits and activity can cause constipation. High stress levels are also known to contribute to it.


One of the primary problems that directly lead to constipation is dehydration. Lack of fluids in the water makes the feces hard. Diuretics are medications that are known to cause dehydration. The diuretic extracts water content from the blood and converts it into urine. The body loses a lot of fluids while taking diuretics. The frequent urination caused by it, decreases the water level in the blood. If you are on diuretics check with your doctor if the medications are causing constipation.

In order to avoid constipation while on diuretics one should take these following steps.

Add more fiber to your diet. If the constipation is serious, then look to include a fiber supplement to the list of your medications. There are several such supplements available like psyllium, methylcellulose and so on. Most of them are safe but ask your doctor on its suitability and interference with other medications. These are not laxatives, but they add the required fiber to the body. They dissolve in water and are consumed by mixing it in water. Begin with one supplement a day initially for the first week and increase the dosage by taking two the following week and finally arrive at three tablets a day.

Exercise can help to increase the bowel movements naturally. Trying exercises when you have to keep your knee to the chest helps to facilitate the bowel movements. Exhale and inhale deeply if you are experiencing any pain due to constipation

One of the main causes of constipation is dehydration. Drinking plenty of fluids avoids dehydration and also makes easy bowel movements. A person should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Also drink water along with the meals.

Reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages. Also, avoid caffeine, tea and aerated drinks. They all increase constipation in your body. In case you drink any these, have extra water that day.

Bowel movements should take place at the same time every day. It indicates a healthy excretory system. That is why you should eat on time and maintain regular time and habits.

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