What Tea Can You Drink For Cramps And Constipation

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What Tea Can You Drink For Cramps And Constipation ?

Cramps and constipation often coexist ad can be extremely uncomfortable. It is not a serious medical condition, but causes extreme levels of discomfort. Both these problems can be avoided at home itself instead of taking laxatives. Drinking teas can help to ease the discomfort in your bowels.


The colon and the digestive system are cleansed every time you have bowel movements. Also, a clean digestive reduces the chances of diseases and illness in the body. You should cleanse your system regularly to avoid major diseases like cancer. A person should have a minimum of two bowel movements in a day. For some it is only one. However, most of it depends on the diet.

While having constipation, you can follow several home remedies. Drink more water, so that the bowel movements are easily facilitated. Breathing exercises and taking deep breaths while having cramps also helps to alleviate the pain. Eat more fibrous food and stick to a liquid diet if you can while having cramps and constipation. Even when the constipation is cured, continue having a high fiber diet if you are frequently constipated.

The teas that detoxify the digestive system also prevent cramps and constipation. There are several kinds of teas which can help this condition and they are green tea, senna or chamomile tea. Do not have regular teas that contain nicotine and are extracted from tea leaves. Choose an herbal variety. Chamomile is not extracted from a leaf but is known to have calming effects on the nerves and the digestive tracts. One of the most recent discoveries about chamomile is that when it brewed it tastes just like regular tea and can cure digestion and constipation problems. It also provides immediate relief from stomach cramps. Sienna is also very identical to chamomile. It is used in curing various types of health conditions. Senna is a very efficient laxative and can treat constipation and stomach cramps in a single shot.

Both these teas are very good in treating constipation and you can pick any one. Chamomile tea is available under herbal products in various stores. You can easily brew them by dissolving the powders in the sachet. In order to make it tastier, add some sugar and lime to it. Add very little lime as it can be acidic. You can also try adding ginger while brewing. Adding cardamoms and cloves also help with digestion. Most of these herbal remedies are very effective in treating digestion problems.

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