Degenerative Diseases Of The Eye

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Degenerative Diseases Of The Eye

Degenerative diseases of the eye consist of various diseases, which affect almost all the important parts of the eye, like the retina, cornea, macula and iris.

The eye disorder can occur due to genetic reason as well as virus and cancer. The common result is the loss of central vision.Stargardt's disease comes under genetic disease. It generally occurs in children and young adults. Major symptoms include the disability to see the object and differentiate colors.

Retinitis pigmentosa is also a genetic disorder, but it is very rare. In this, degeneration of retina occurs. The patient becomes unable to view anything in night.

Another degenerative disease of the eye is stomal keratitis. The major cause of the disease is Type 1 herpes simplex virus. It infects the cornea layer. As a result, eye pain with inflammation of the cornea occurs.

An increase in eye pressure causes glaucoma. This harms the optic nerves. Loss of vision occurs in both the eyes. Nausea, vomiting and intense eye pain are few symptoms.

As a result of degeneration of macula the patient becomes unable to view in low light.

Cancer of the eye is known as ocular melanoma. The cancer can reach the liver region. In an advanced stage, it can result in death. Cancer of the eye can develop on the eyelids, iris, conjuctiva, choroidal layer, and the optic nerve. Usually this cancer is detected when the patient goes for a routine eye checkup because he or she is suffering from blurry vision and suffering from peripheral vision loss. Change in the color of iris and dark red spots on the iris are few of the other symptoms. The eye also becomes painful.

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Degenerative Diseases Of The Eye