Vitamin D And Eczema

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Vitamin D And Eczema

According to a recent study, taking oral Vitamin D helps to promote the production of a chemical that is protective in natural and found in the skin.

In addition, the research suggests that taking Vitamin D orally can also prevent infections that occur due to eczema. This might be very good news for people suffering from eczema.The research was conducted by the Division of Dermatology of the UCSD School of Medicine and Dermatology. The research found that taking Vitamin D supplements could actually help to correct a defect in the immune system of people who suffer from eczema.

The researchers studied patients who were suffering from moderate to severe atopic dermatitis, which is the most common form of eczema that affects around 10 to 20 percent of children and around one to three percent of adults. This skin disease causes patches of redness, scaling and severe itching. Over a period of time, changes occur to the skin due to constant rubbing and scratching. People suffering from atopic dermatitis are susceptible to skin infections caused by Staph aureus, and to the herpes virus and small pox virus.

It has been proven that earlier that if the immune system of the body has a defect, then the skin is unable to produce a chemical known as cathelicidin. This chemical is a polypeptide that helps to protect the skin from microbes. In a person suffering from eczema, the lack of cathelicidin is associated with increased chances of infection.

In the study, 14 patients with atopic dermatitis were given 4000 IUs of Vitamin D orally for 21 days. It was found that after 21 days, the skin managed to produce cathelicidin, which was earlier lacking or deficient.

This clearly shows that Vitamin D and eczema are connected, and it might be helpful for patients to take oral supplements of the vitamin after consulting their doctor.

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Vitamin D And Eczema