How Do You Get Fibromyalgia ?

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How Do You Get Fibromyalgia ?

Although the definite cause of soft tissue rheumatism (fibromyalgia) is yet to be established, several researchers have put forward numerous theories explaining the possible causes of this non-specific chronic pain disorder. Some researchers believe that the main cause underlying this disease may be a physical trauma or an injury that directly affected the CNS of the patient.

Many other scientists propound that it is the infectious agents, like viruses, that may be responsible for triggering the various symptoms of the disease. While some attribute it entirely to the environmental factors, some others strongly believe that it is caused due to defective genetic mechanisms. Thus, according to the research conducted till date, things that can trigger onset of fibromyalgia include cold and damp exposure, stress, trauma, viral infection, and/or muscle injury.

Whatever may be the main cause of the disease; you will get fibromyalgia and will begin to experience its symptoms in following ways:

  • The aerobic conditioning of the muscles and other associated physiologic abnormalities result in decreased flow of blood into the muscular tissues, thereby causing muscle pain and stiffness
  • The threshold of pain is lowered by reduction in flow of blood to the caudate nucleus and the thalamus
  • Any dysfunction of endocrinal system, like that of the pituitary-adrenal axis
  • Serotonin levels in brain affected, causing stress, depression, and disturbed sleep
  • Malfunctioning of CNS pathways involved in processing pain.

All the aforementioned changes in the body will lead to manifestation of fibromyalgia. As per the recent researches, this disorder has a tendency to be passed on from one generation to another due to the various genetic factors involved in the pathophysiology. Therefore, if any of your family members has or ever had fibromyalgia, you are quite likely to develop the same, especially if you are a female.

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How Do You Get Fibromyalgia ?