Home Remedie For Heartburn

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Home Remedie For Heartburn

Heartburn is a condition which occurs when the acid from the stomach flows back to the esophagus thereby causing a sense of burning. This occurs mainly in the night or after eating something. This state is also called gastro-esophageal reflux. Prevention of this state can be obtained by maintaining weight which is healthy, avoiding consumption of acidic or fatty foods and wearing clothes which are not tight fitting. If one still gets these burns, home remedies can come in handy for quick relief.


Some home remedies for heart burn are as follows:

Chewing gum: If antacids are not readily available for consumption, one can opt for chewing a gum as recommended by Dr. Timothy McCashland in his book, The Doctors Book of Home Remedies. The chewing action stimulates secretion of saliva in the mouth which neutralizes the acidic juice from the stomach and assists in pushing it back to the stomach. A study conducted in Briton also suggests that the amount of saliva secreted while chewing a gum gets doubled from normal state. This is how the ill-effects and discomfort of acidic heartburns gets reduced.

Chewing Nuts: Nuts, like walnuts and almonds, are good remedies for heartburn and have been a part of home remedies for years. As per GrannyMed.com, the high content of oil in almonds neutralizes the acidic effect of the abdominal juices. Dr. C. Norman Shealy, who authored Healing Remedies, suggests that walnuts also have neutralizing oils and additionally contain potassium which is regarded as a good neutralizer of heartburn. They are also good for soothing colic pain and dispel gas generated in the abdomen.

Aloe Vera: Dr. Anil Minocha states in his book, Amazing Antidotes, that consuming half cup of aloe vera juice in between meals will coat the esophagus lining and reduce the acid in the stomach thus eliminating heartburn.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Excess of acid in the stomach is considered as a cause for acidity. Shortage of acid also causes heartburn accompanied by a sensation of fullness in the stomach. Dr. Ronald L Hoffman, who authored Seven Weeks to a Settled Stomach, suggests consumption of one teaspoon of unfiltered vinegar in half cup water during every meal.

Licorice: This herb acts as an antacid by lining and thus protecting the inner walls of the esophagus. This cures inflammation of the esophagus and also soothes indigestion which leads to heartburn. Rita Elkins, who authored Alternative Cure, suggests consumption of two deglycyrrhizinated licorice tablets twenty minutes prior to each meal.

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