What To Eat With Heartburn

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What To Eat With Heartburn ?

Heartburn is a condition which approximately 40 percent of the US population suffers from. The acidic contents from the stomach flow back in to the esophagus causing severe discomfort. Other symptoms include sour taste in the mouth, burning or painful feeling in the chest or throat and so on. This is an unavoidable fall-out during pregnancy. As far as possible, one should use home remedies as compared to medicines like antacids.


Another factor contributing towards heartburns is indigestion of fatty foods or very large meals. Foods which are fatty, spicy or acidic trigger heartburns while some others have the ability to reduce this sensation. Some such foods are:

Whole grain: These are easily digested and do not require the stomach to secrete extra digestive juices. This reduces the risk of excess acid in the stomach and hence heartburns. They should be preferred to fatty foods since the former is more easily digestible and equally filling as the later. This will result in less consumption of food high in fat content. The daily diet should include whole grain foods like cereal, whole grain bread, and pasta, muffin made of oat barn, oatmeal, barley, barn flakes, air-popped corn, brown rice and whole grain fibers.

Lean protein: Proteins work towards strengthening the muscles of the esophagus in order to reach the food to the stomach to avoid heartburn. Most protein rich food also contains fats. One should choose foods containing lean protein like lean meat, fish and skinless poultry; consume skimmed or low-fat milk and low-fat dairy products and eat a snack or light meal for dinner. Avoid drinking milk just before retiring to bed since it stimulates acid secretion after a while increasing risk of heartburn.

Vegetables and fruits: Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber to prevent heartburn. They assist in quicker and easier digestion, thus preventing constipation, formation of gas or other digestive disorders resulting in heartburn. Ideal fruits are raspberry, apple, pear, banana, strawberry and dry fruits. Citrus fruits can be avoided since they add to the acidic contents. Vegetables should be consumed after steaming or they can be had raw. They should not be creamy or fried.

Alternatives for low-fat: desserts and sweets for people suffering from heartburn should not contain more than 3g of fat in a serving. One can opt for graham crackers, fat-free candies, jellybeans, or fat-free snack. Pecans or almond rich in fibers can make a good snack between meals. Soups low in fat should be preferred over beef, chicken or cream based soups.

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