Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

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Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

If you suspect a person to be suffering from hemorrhoid or piles, it is understood that the veins around and inside the patient’s rectum will be enlarged and swollen. The major causes of hemorrhoids care low-fiber diet, constipation, pregnancy, heavy lifting or a lifestyle that is sedentary. The symptoms are generally seen more frequently amongst people, who are fifty and above. They usually include signs like itching, irritation and at times bleeding. Below are mentioned some lifestyle changes and home remedies that can help to keep a check on this disease.


Changing your every day dietary patterns by avoiding meats and deep fried eatables, limiting the fat intake, consuming high-fiber diet and drinking water at least 6 to 8 glasses daily can help to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids. As per Mayo Clinic a day-to-day intake of twenty to thirty-five grams fiber is suggested as it helps in softening and decreasing the mass of stools. Whole grains and most fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers. Intake of more water and fluids hydrate the body as proper hydration softens the stools and keeps a check on constipation and hemorrhoids.

Taking a warm water bath comforts and cleans the areas affected. It helps to soak oneself in a bathtub filled with warm water a number of times all through the day as this will soothe and relieve the signs of hemorrhoids. Avoid using soap as the chemicals in it may cause irritation to the hemorrhoid. To dry and minimize the moisture level of the hemorrhoids, use a blow drier. Cold compressions prepared from napkins or washcloths dipped in iced-water or a towel filled with ice can be used to numb the affected areas and provide relief.

Use a moist toilette or napkin instead of dry toilet papers after every bowel movement to clean the rectal region. If used dry, the toilet tissue can cause more irritation as a result of increased friction. A natural plant product beneficial while treating hemorrhoids is witch hazel. Take a small quantity on the tissue and use it to clean the rectal region. This not only provides relief but also helps in shrinking and contracting the inflamed blood vessels back to its normal size.

Certain basic lifestyle changes made can go long ways in preventing hemorrhoids. People with sedentary lifestyle like office goers or truck drivers, who need to sit in one position for long hours, must make time in between work for walking or sometimes stretching their legs. Maintaining a daily thirty minutes exercise schedule is also beneficial in reducing pressure on present hemorrhoids and rectal veins. A person suffering from hemorrhoid must not hold the stools within the body as otherwise the stool will harden up and the patient will face difficulty in eliminating them. It is advised to get up from the toilet seat within five minutes to keep away from straining and putting extra pressure on the hemorrhoids.

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