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When Was Hepatitis B Discovered ?  

Hepatitis B is a global menace with millions of affected people in the US alone, and thousands of them dying each year. This disease is the infection of the human liver which is very hard to cure during its later stages. Sometimes, the victims do not even realize that they have the disease-causing virus because of either absence of symptoms or because some of the symptoms are similar to those of other less worrying diseases. It is a very contagious disease, and can be spread by coming in contact with the infected person either physically or sexually.

This disease, or rather the hepatitis B virus, was discovered in the recent past by Dr. Blumberg and his team of scientists. In the year 1965, he and his associates reported the existence of the hepatitis B surface antigen or HBsAg, which is also called the Australia antigen, along with its antibody, named the hepatitis B surface antibody, or HBsAb. Five years later, a researcher identified the hepatitis B virus (HBV) virion. Significant progresses have been made as researchers search for a way to eradicate this problem ever since then. Scientists, realizing how lethal this disease is, began to study and analyze it closely to understand how to combat the virus and thereby the disease.

Even though later on and still now, many new discoveries have been made related to the hepatitis B infection, Blumberg is still credited as the primary discoverer of this virus. Blumberg even received the coveted Nobel Prize for this discovery.

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When Was Hepatitis B Discovered ?




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When Was Hepatitis B Discovered ? )
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