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How Do You Contract Hepatitis C ?  

Hepatitis C is a lethal disease which can happen to just about anybody, irrespective of their nationality, race, color, creed, etc. This is mostly because the mode of transportation of the viruses responsible for this disease is bloodstream and is also highly contagious.

One source of hepatitis C is blood transfusion or organ transplantation from an already infected patient of the disease. This happens when proper safety measures and check ups are not carried out prior to the operation. However, it is seen that the chances of getting affected this way is significantly small. Apart from these, other activities involving the most trivial of blood contacts like using the razor blade of the hepatitis C patient or sharing the snorting straw which may contain mucous and blood of the patient during a session of cocaine or using the same syringe or needle as that of the hepatitis C victim enables the virus to attack a new body.

Apart from these, having sexual intercourse with an affected person is another way to contract the disease, especially if done without using a condom. But since the chances are very less by this process, very few pay heed to the recommendation of using condoms. Tattooing also carries a small risk of contracting this disease, especially if sterilized needles are not used.

If a woman having the hepatitis C virus becomes pregnant, the baby develops around five to six percent chance of getting the disease during birth, depending on the virus level in the mother. However, if the mother is also infected with HIV, then the risk factor goes up to around twelve percent. But some activities like kissing, sneezing, hugging, coughing, sharing water or food, or any other such contacts without direct involvement of blood are not attributed to spreading of hepatitis C even though researches are going on to confirm the fact.

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How Do You Contract Hepatitis  C ?




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How Do You Contract Hepatitis C ? )
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