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Life Expectancy With Hepatitis C  

Hepatitis C is a deadly pathogen which causes life threatening situations, especially if left untreated. This is an infection where the human liver is targeted but during the last stage, it may spread to other parts of the body. But the interesting thing is that it is nearly impossible to tell whether the disease causing virus is present in the body in the initial stage as it shows no symptoms of any kind. But when it does, there remains little chance of survival.

Nearly five million people in the US itself are, knowingly or unknowingly, victims of hepatitis C, with thousands dying each year making it one of the most concerning diseases of all times. Many factors are behind this alarming rate of this infection, the prime one being alcoholism. Due to overdose of alcohol, the liver of a human being gets severely damaged or scarred (the latter condition being called liver cirrhosis), which makes them easy prey for hepatitis C viruses. Since it is a blood-borne infection, it can spread by the infected blood coming in contact with the blood of a healthy being.

The life expectancy of people having hepatitis C is still very murky. It is said that about 20 percent of the people attacked by hepatitis C causing virus may develop liver cirrhosis, of which 25 percent cases will develop total liver failure or liver damage or cancer of the liver. If so, then a liver transplant would become a necessity for the person to be able to survive. If some how the virus is detected in its initial stage, it can be cured like any other disease, and the person can hope to live normally again. However, even after full treatment of hepatitis C, the patient experiences regular fluctuations in the liver which is a difficult condition to live with.

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Life Expectancy With Hepatitis C




Risk-Of-Contracting-Hepatitis-C-From-Your-Spouse      Hepatitis C, variously known as “hep C” or HCV, is the name given to the condition of severe inflammation and inflammation of the liver. The root cause behind this life threatening disease is over-consumption of alcohol. This gives rise to severe liver scarring or cirrhosis making the patient susceptible to hepatitis C. Now, being a highly contagious pathogen, hepatitis C virus can spread easily if the infected blood comes in contact with healthy blood through some means or the other. More..




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Life Expectancy With Hepatitis C )
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