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What Does Herpes Look Like In Your Mouth ?  

Oral herpes is a very common type of infection that people suffer from. Oral herpes causes sores in the mouth in places like the corners of the mouth and below the upper or lower lip. These sores are very painful and they also burn a lot. The sores caused by oral herpes look like cold sores on the mouth. Several people get confused between herpes and cold sores because they both look identical. However, if you also have fever and headaches along with the cold sore, then it could be herpes.

The symptoms of oral herpes also vary widely in people. The symptoms are treated depending on the severity.

Herpes is usually mistaken with several other kinds of infections and disorders. Herpes can also be easily transmitted by people who have herpes. Even if the infected person places a peck on your cheek, then you can get infected within no time. Always when you see a sore developing on your mouth immediately show it to a doctor. It is worth your time to rule out herpes.

The herpes virus is actually active in the skin for a short period of time. As it multiplies, the skin also retreats and starts healing. So typically in the case of herpes the symptoms will come and go. These symptoms can last up to six weeks. Herpes blisters will first look like a cut, then develop into a fluid-filled blister, then into a sore and last into a lesion. It will stay like that for a week and then start crusting and drying up.

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What Does Herpes Look Like In Your Mouth




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What Does Herpes Look Like In Your Mouth ? )
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