Hpv After Hysterectomy

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HPV After Hysterectomy

Several women wonder if it is possible to contract HPV virus after hysterectomy. After hysterectomy there could be some changes in the epithelium that could cause the pap smears to be abnormal. A woman can develop HPV or a vaginal dysplasia if there was a cervical dysplasia before and she was unaware of it. Women who have had hysterectomy are prone to getting cervical cancer as much as women who have not had it.

It is advisable that women go for a pap smear test every year after crossing 40 years of age. If a woman has had HPV in despite hysterectomy, it is found out using a pap smear. The pap smear test would still indicate the presence of the virus. Any sexually active woman is prone to getting the HPV virus actually. An abnormal pap smear may be because of several reasons. That is why it is important to rule out the reasons for it.

The HPV virus actually stays dormant even if it not affecting the infected person. Sometimes it goes away in a few years on its own. Also, women who tend to have a good diet, like good amounts of vitamin, A and C, can get rid of it faster. However, some of the HPV viruses that have been contracted sexually can stay in the vagina or cervix for long periods of time. When the immune system is weak, they attack the body and at that time they can also cause abnormal pap smears. Sometimes, the infection could be mild and treatable through antibiotics. Sometimes, if the HPV virus has been active for a long period of time, the pap smear could show cancerous cells in the cervix or the vagina.

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Hpv After Hysterectomy