Confusion After Heart Attack

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Confusion After Heart Attack

Confusion is actually one of the symptoms of a heart attack. Also, a person can still experience confusion after going through a heart attack. The condition is called acute delirium. Delirium is a condition where a person starts imagining things or does not have clarity on what he or she is supposed to do. They may even forget small things like their name, not recognizing what they are seeing and in the end all this causes mental stress. They cannot even speak due to confusion some times. This is one of the clearest indications that the person may be experiencing a heart attack. (See Reference 1)

During a heart attack the heart is not receiving any amount of oxygen or blood. So when the heart is not receiving the blood supply then even other parts of the body for example the brain is not receiving the blood and oxygen. Brain also juts like the heart needs a constant supply of blood supply to survive. When the brain does not receive the oxygen the person starts experiencing severe headaches and results in confusion. Sometimes the person may also get paralyzed due to a heart attack. (See Reference 1)

Some of the indications of condition are that the person may not realize the time and may give completely opposite answers. For example if you ask them what time of the day it is they may say it is night when it is in fact broad daylight actually. They may be in their bedroom but when you ask them they may say they are on a holiday or something like that. They cannot recognize people around them and even find it difficult to recollect their names; they are always contradicting themselves and also forgetting things that they have said. They may experience short term memory loss and sometime long term memory loss. Long term memory loss is called dementia.

Acute state of confusion is a rapidly progressing condition. A person can actually start experiencing the symptoms very quickly. It is a sudden onset and the person may seem drunk all the time. They cannot understand conversations and they also start hallucinating and they start believing o find it difficult to speak. They do not respond to the questions that are being asked. They also start hallucinating and start believing that they are actually seeing things. The symptoms of confusion may be prevalent for a few weeks and then the person might ultimately end up getting a heart attack. To be brief about it, they have a cloudy sense of thought and nothing may seem clear to them. (See Reference 1)

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